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The IMPA company got its start in the province of Turin in the early ‘60s, as a manufacturing company for the production of abrasive tools.

Since the beginning of its activity, the company has specialized in the production of METALLOGRAPHIC cutting discs and thin cutting abrasive discs for all mechanical applications, continuing its work over time with continuous research into innovation, both in terms of the raw materials employed and the use of high-tech machinery, with the aim to guarantee its customers the highest quality standards and a highly competitive quality/price ratio. The breadth of the range of production and the positive results achieved in recent years have allowed the company to successfully market itself to wholesalers as well as end users, on both the domestic and foreign markets. Our production process is conducted according to a “quality manual” conforming to the ISO 9002 standard.

Where you can find us

Via Rivoli 6 - 10090 Trana (TO) ITALY

VAT: 02136870017

cellphone/fax: +39 011 933117/011 9338433


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Handle all the grinding discs (even the hardest ones and the reinforced ones) with extreme care and attention. If there is even a suspicion that a grinding disc has undergone some impact or suffered damage, contact the manufacturer.


Store the grinding discs in an appropriate way and with extreme care. Ensure that there is a regular rotation in the use of the stock. This is essential for organic products (resinous agglomerates, rubber or shellac), which must not be used if the expiration date, if one is mentioned, has passed, or in any case beyond the deadline indicated by the manufacturer. The premises must be free of high levels of humidity and must not undergo significant changes in temperature.

Usage of the grinding discs

For wet operations, before stopping the grinding disc, stop the flow of refrigerant and let the disc dry through centrifugal forces, in order to avoid dangerous unbalanced conditions. Restart or recondition the grinding disc with due caution and care, using the special conditioning tools. Establish the contact between grinding disc and specimen in a gentle and regular manner, and avoid applying excessive pressure during the process or slowing down the grinding disc.